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Местоположение: India, Maharashtra, Airoli

Имя: Aziz Rahman

Телефон или E-mail: [email protected]

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Ваше сообщение: Hello Team,

We at InVeritas Research trust you are in good health and keeping safe!

InVeritas Research is a global full service quantitative and qualitative market research Fieldwork Company committed to providing high-quality data collection, opinion mining and sentiment analysis services to UX|UI companies worldwide.

We provide exploratory, conceptual, and evaluative research to mitigate various risks and bringing the outside-in perspectives.

Qualitative and Quantitative methodologies we implement includes:

In-Dept Face to Face and Online Interviews
Computer-Aided Personal interviews (CAPI)
Online Surveys
Central Location Tests — CLT
Ethnography Studies / Mobile Ethnography
Mystery Shopping
Focus Group Interviews / Online FGD’s
Online methodologies suitable
Usability Testing

Contact us for your UX research requirements in any market and we can assure you high quality deliverables matching your expectations.

Best regards,
InVeritās Research


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