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Как к Вам обращаться?: Philipp

Как с Вами связаться?: [email protected]

Ваш телефон?: +49 2526 9323 12

Ваш телефон?: Recommendation from an acquaintance

На каких этапах создания cайта мы можем быть полезны?: Positioning, Naming, Logo and visual identity, Website design, Html layout, Site programming, CMS, Installation on the hosting, Filling with content, Business card site, Portfolio site, Multilingual

На каких этапах создания cайта мы можем быть полезны?:

С чем предстоит работать: продукт или компания? Как называется? Укажите сайт: you will work with the company. Name: Anton Mössing GmbH www.moessing.de

Каких результатов Вы хотите достичь с помощью нового сайта?: The new website should represent our company and should show who we are and what we do. It should serve as showcase. The website should point out that we manufacture furniture on a very high level in different branches. Customers should get the impression that we are a modern and at the same time a very flexible company with long tradition that aims to fulfil all the customer needs. My main intention is that we want to detach ourselves from the actual image of a small-town manufacturing company to a modern, world-open, customer driven and flexible company with a top-notched machinery. Our core business are not customers looking for just one single furniture. We are looking for customers who need furniture for their whole house. Or doctors who want to build a complete new surgery and not just one desk. Pointing out our reliability and high quality standards will be very important to be demonstrated on the website.

In the future, our website should not only be addressed to German customers. I think, it is getting more interesting to generate customers from other countries as well. If we want to attract customers from other countries we may shine with the German quality that many people know from all around the world. “Made in Germany” could be an interesting attribute/feature in order to attract foreign customers.

Furthermore, recruiting new employees is also one part of the website that has to be included.

Чем Вы гордитесь в своей компании?: There are many different facts that make us proud:
We have decent variety of top notched machinery. It allows us to produce a broad range of products that are exactly tailored to our customer needs. We do not offer any serial products, but every product is individually developed based on our customers wish. Moreover, we are proud of our communication with our customers. The customer always feels well served. Our flexibility allows us to develop decent solutions together with our customers in order to solve any of their issues. Furthermore, we are proud of our employees. We are a good team with many specialists working together in a very productive way.

Чем Вы гордитесь в своем продукте?: As we do not produce any serial products, we can not say that we are proud of a special product that we manufacture. However, we are proud of any individual product that develop with our customers. It is not possible for us to just offer certain product or service to every customer. Every customer is different. In conclusion, every solution is different as well. So, we are proud that we are able to develop a solution that satisfies every of our customers.

Планы и цели компании? Не финансовые, типа «мы хотим заработать миллиард», а социальная ответственность производителя или причина создания бизнеса.: Build furniture not for only for a short period of time. We aim for sustainable furniture which is timeless and lasts for a long time. Our furniture doesn’t get broken easy, because our company stands for high quality products.
We do not aim for serial or mass products, but for individual, customized and unique products. We don’t want to satisfy the mass market, but the individual customer. Service and customer satisfaction are more important than squeezing out the last euro from our customers.

Характер и образ жизни Вашей целевой аудитории?: Private sector (B2C)
Our target group are men, women or families caring about interior design and living in middle or high class society. Age usually starting from about 35 years. Before that age, they are usually not able to effort such individual manufactured furniture. Usually, the customers own already the flat or house they are living in.

Business sector (B2B)
We have different kind of B2B customers:

Looking for doctors looking for a new interior design of their surgery. We are not specialised on certain doctor as we can build for every kind of doctor.

General contractors:
Looking for general contractors who build new buildings like hotels, surgeries, senior residences.

Architects/Interior designer/design brands/labels:

Architects or Interior designer are interesting for us as well. They creating a design, but they still need a company that finally builds all the furniture which they designed on a paper. They make the plans and we can realise it. So, every kind of architect is interesting i. e. architects for hotels, offices, surgeries, etc…

Как убеждаете покупателей, что Ваш продукт лучше аналогов?: One of our keys is the communication with customers. We talk a lot to our customers as we need to find out the issue first and then we need to get an idea of what furniture style the customer likes. That is why we often start with an appointment at the customer location in order to see his lifestyle. Based on these impressions, we make on offer and then explain our offer/idea in a personal conversation. We try to convince him finally with the following aspects:
1. Taking care = we care about our customers by providing support at every stage of the order. We answer every question. Our customers can contact us almost every time
2. Creativity = we develop a first solution based on first impressions, knowledge of the customer and experience from other projects.
3. Flexibility = we are able to adapt our ideas and offers to the customer needs
4. Drawings = we do detailed drawings to present our ideas
5. Samples = we create samples of the material which we suggest. Furthermore, the customer can get an impression of the quality that we are able to deliver
6. More than furniture = we can provide help not only for furniture. As we have a huge network of different workmen, we can offer help for other problems concerning their location. (i.e. floor, ceiling, chairs, etc)

Какими словами люди рекомендуют продукт или компанию друзьям или в соцсетях?: Totally customer driven, individual/unique products, build a personal business relationship, flexible, high quality, reliable at all levels

Кто Ваши конкуренты и что они обещают аудитории?: We do not have certain main competitors as the competitors change often depending on the region in which we make an offer. We local competitors as well as countrywide competitors. To get a general impression of the companies with which we compete, Here are some examples:
— local: http://www.tischlerei-middendorf.de/
— local: https://www.bartmann-westmeier.de/
— local: https://tischlerei-spiekermann.de/
— national: https://www.tischlerei-klammer.de/
Usually they promise things like i.e.: Good quality, low price, fast delivery, good service

Какие есть иностранные аналоги и что в них хорошего и плохого?: Competitors from foreign countries can often offer a better price. Because their costs for machinery and personal are usually lower. Competitors can deliver products as fast as we are, but not in the same quality. Our product quality is at a higher level. They are often not able to provide comprehensive service as we do. Our know-how and experience is an advantage. We know how to care about our customer, as we are more customer driven than they are. Other companies are more specialised compared to us. Often, they can offer only a certain type of furniture, but we are able to manufacture almost every kind of furniture. We are better in adapting a customer need. Finally, we are more reliable than foreign counterparts. We deliver what we promise.

С чем можно сравнить Ваш продукт или компанию? К примеру, услуги страховой компании часто сравнивают с зонтом.: I am sorry. I have no idea yet

Где люди узнают о Вашем продукте?: Usually about our website or by mouth-mouth recommendation. We are also listed in the local furniture association, but that is not a big thing. We do also some local print advertising, but not much.

Ограничения, которые необходимо учитывать: существующий брендбук, результаты маркетинговых исследований, название, логотип, визуальная айдентика или пр.: The logo and the name have already a good reputation. That is why we do need to invent a completely new logo or name. However, maybe the logo needs some modernization. There is no existing brand manual yet. No corporate identity either. No market researches yet

We actually have divided our business in two main categories/labels

1. The “Anton Mössing Tischlerei” label deals everything concerning manufacturing, mainly production part (classical joinery)
a. Target group: architects, other furniture manufacturer, private customers

2. The “Anton Mössing Interior” label deals planning, organisation and realisation. This label a more comprehensive service is offered
a. Target group: general contractors, doctors, hotels, offices

It is still one company, but both labels need to get their own area on the website, because they have different target groups.