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Страница: https://linnikov.agency/contacts/ (????????)

Дата: 05.03.2020 18:16:41


Местоположение: Vietnam, Hanoi, Hanoi

Имя: Andrewjaish

Телефон или E-mail: 88516991255

Ваше сообщение: I’m selling Aged 2012 Twitter accounts with verified email address only for 4$

All accounts come with full access to the original email that was used to create the account!

Are the accounts aged? Yes, 7 years old

What are the accounts like? with followers, following, bio or profile picture, all with a luxury name & username

Only for today. buy 2 get 1 account for free

If you’re interested Contact me via
Email — [email protected] . com


Discord : CongMMO#9766
Skype & Telegram : congmmo
ICQ : @652720497
Thank you!