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Date: 04.03.2020 11:14:00


Location: Russia, Moscow, Moscow

How would you want us to call you?: Tester

How can we contact you?: [email protected]

What is your phone number?: 79000000000

How did you get to know about us?: Instagram

How did you get to know about us?:

What stages of branding can we be useful at: Positioning

What stages of branding can we be useful at:

What will we work with: product or company? What is its name? Your site: 1

What should we read about the aspects of your product and market trends?: 2

What are you proud of in your company?: 3

What are you proud of in your product?: 4

Plans and objectives of the company? Not financial plans like «we want to earn a billion,» but the social responsibility of the manufacturer or the reason for creating a business.: 5

What is the nature and lifestyle of your product consumer?: 6

What other audiences interact with your company and product, besides end-buyer?: 7

Why do people buy products in your category? For example, cosmetic products can be bought due to different reasons: hide fatigue, prolong youth, take care of future health, attract people.:

What prevents people from constantly using products in your category? For example, because of lack of time, people prefer fast food to a traditional cafe.:

What do you promise to people who use products of other categories solving the same problems? For example, when they choose a train instead of a plane.:

What prevents people from buying your product for the first time or repeatedly?:

How do you convince customers that your product is better than counterparts?:

What words do people use to recommend the product or company to friends or in social networks?:

What is the one word people use to recommend your product or company?:

Who are your competitors and what do they promise the audience?:

What are the foreign counterparts, and what is good and bad in them?:

What can you compare your product or company to? For example, the services of an insurance company are often compared to an umbrella.:

If you compare it to a person, what is the nature or character of your product or company?:

Where do people find out about your product?:

Limitations that must be considered: existing brand manual, results of marketing research, name, logo or other.: